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Trimble R2MReal-time Remote Diagnostic Monitoring
The Trimble R2M system combines shore-based software and on-train equipment to deliver alerts of faults as they occur for effective condition based maintenance. Communicating with the maintenance depots in real time, it allows for efficient fault diagnostics, and work scheduling by the maintenance team. Furthermore, by analyzing irregularities of individual components and their behavior across the entire fleet, it allows maintenance actions to be performed to potentially avoid future failures. 

Trimble E2MEngineering Maintenance Management

The Trimble E2M system is an enterprise-wide engineering, asset, and maintenance management system. It is designed to control assets, manage stock, streamline procurement, schedule workshop operations, and plan maintenance, in order to achieve optimum asset availability and labor utilization. 

Trimble C2MComponent Condition Monitoring

Trimble’s C2M system combines trackside and handheld measuring devices with software analytics to proactively monitor wheels, brakes, pantographs, and other key components for wear and defects. By detecting and analyzing anomalies, it provides predictive advice of maintenance requirements and automates maintenance planning. 

Trimble P2MIn-Service Performance Planning & Management

The Trimble P2M system uses timetable, actual vehicle location, and real-time diagnostics information to help identify the root cause of delays and plan journeys for optimum timetable adherence. Through a combination of journey planning and improved driver awareness, it also maximizes energy/fuel efficiency, and helps manage driver behavior. P2M also provides the operations teams with in-service recommendations when fleet failures occur to reduce delays and penalties. And P2M provides notifications of potential in-service failures likely to occur across the entire fleet. Trimble P2M is also available as an on-board cab advisory system for drivers.


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Trimble Nexala

Trimble Nexala
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Trimble Rail Asset Lifecycle Management Solutions 

Trimble Rail Asset Lifecycle Management
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