At Nexala, technology solutions for trains, trams and buses are our focus.
Our technology is informed by deep industry expertise, with almost two decades of experience.

We have a strong passion for research and innovation.
This has enabled us to develop a product range with an extensive breadth and depth of functionality. Our fully integrated portfolio addresses everything from full fleet maintenance, real-time remote vehicle diagnostics, in-service vehicle performance and recovery through to driver performance management, timetable conformance and penalty management.

We are dedicated to interoperability and flexibility.
The Nexala suite of products will allow you to develop a seamless solution across component and fleets types. Our flexible approach means that we can tailor our systems to meet your exact needs.  

We provide the IT infrastructure.
Nexala products are delivered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution and are accessible through mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad  and Android systems, kiosks, touch-screen equipment and standard PC workstations. This minimises your data storage and hardware investment.

We offer international reach and service. 
Nexala has operations in the UK, Ireland, France, Belgium and North America and a team of committed and experienced agents and distributors in Asia and the Middle East.


Trimble announced today that Swedish train operator SJ has chosen the Trimble® R2M real-time remote diagnostics system and Trimble C2M component condition monitoring system. 

Trimble announced today that Euromaint Rail has deployed the Trimble® R2M real-time remote diagnostic system to manage the maintenance of fleets running on Stockholm Commuter lines and Norrtåg regional rail lines.